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Complete resources to help you excel in B.Sc. CSIT.

Semester wise CSIT Notes

Complete semester wise notes for CSIT.

Why Learn with Hamro CSIT

Complete set of reference material to prepare CSIT Entrance exam.

Entrance Preparation

We have more than 1000+ questions for you to get familiar with TU Entrance MCQ questions and crack the Entrance.

Expert Instructors

If you have any issue on any question ,our experts will help you solving that question. check here to ask question.


You will get complete solution of each questions by our experts instructors. Please ask your question to get help.

Everything You Need is Here

Hamro CSIT Application provides a complete set of reference materials like notes, syllabus, question banks, solutions, and many more for B. Sc. CSIT students offline.


Completly Offline

Access CSIT Reference matrials completly offline using our application.



Get Experts solution of each question that helps you to prepare your semester exam.


TU Notices

You will get instance of notification of CSIT . Notification include CSIT Notes, Solutions, Notices and many more.

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Contribute on HAMROCSIT

Contribute on CSIT Notes and helps the begineer to find out the notes, question bank and solutions.

Contribute Assets
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