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Hamro CSIT is a Web and Mobile application that provides a complete set of reference materials like notes, syllabus, question banks, solutions, and many more for B.Sc. CSIT students. Other tech like BCA and BIT students also can get reference questions and answers. we have build this platform to provide complete solution that B.Sc. CSIT students faces while studying. Our aim is to provide the solution of Queries of every B.Sc. students. Students from BCA, BIT can also ask related questions.

  • Notes

    Students are difficult to get complete notes of subjects while preparing for exam. So, that we have provide Handwritten and typped notes.

  • Solutions

    Many students faces the problem while solving question bank. We help them by proving solution.

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Meet With Our Team

Our Excerpts which have great role to improve HAMROCSIT contents

Suresh Chand | HAMROCSIT Team
Suresh Chand
Bipin Tiwari | HAMROCSIT Team
Bipin Tiwari
Prince Budha | HAMROCSIT Team
Prince Budha
Rajan Kumar Khadka | HAMROCSIT Team
Rajan Kumar Khadka
Content Manager
Raju Chaudhary | HAMROCSIT Team
Raju Chaudhary
Content Manager
Arun Patel | HAMROCSIT Team
Arun Patel
Content Manager
Nihit Maharjan | HAMROCSIT Team
Nihit Maharjan
Content Manager