We are receiving donations from many students. Thanks to all students who are donating and visiting our website and application. Please place your email or username in the remark section while payment so that it is easier for us to remove limits particular to your account.

You have usually seen the below message.

Your limit has been exceeded. We have implemented this system because We got difficulty managing our servers. Please donate some amount to remove this limit.

Everything works fine but during exam time, our server goes down or slows down due to the heavy traffic.

We are doing great to support the student of BSC.CSIT students while examination.

So, We have decided to take a certain amount as a donation to purchase a better hosting plan. If you think, HAMROCSIT is helping me while the semester examination then please help us by submitting a small donation.


What we have updated:

  1. Remove Advertisement on website and Application
  2. Improve the Performance of the App and Website
  3. Convert your Points to Cash
  4. Downloaded the PDF files
  5. Print the Question Bank and Syllabus in printed format

Terms and Condition:

  1. You are going to donate some amount not purchase the plan. So, You cannot claim the subscription.
  2. We have not implemented the subscription. We just take a small donations to improve the server.
  3. You cannot force the admin to publish the answer to any questions.

How to Give Donation:

Just send the money via Esewa or Khalti to a number 9862583433. We will automatically approve your donation and remove your limit.

SN Bank / Wallet ID / Account No Name
1 E-Sewa 9862583433 Suresh Chand
2 E-Sewa 9748344699 Julian Chand
3 E-Sewa 9869006531 Bipin Tiwari
4 IME Pay 9862583433 Suresh Chand
5 Global IME Bank D807010004173 Suresh Chand
6 Khalti 9862583433 Suresh Chand
Or You can scan the below Image to pay from your mobile banking
- Hamro CSIT