How to Publish Answer on HamroCSIT?

If you want to publish answer on then here is the procedure to publish answer on any question.

Step 1:

Go to the Question and scroll to end of the answer section. You will find section alike below image.

- Hamro CSIT

Click on on the “Click here to submit your answer”. You will redirect to another page.

Step 2:

On next page, You will find the page alike below image.

- Hamro CSIT

If you want to write answer on written format, You can write in “Write Your Answer . . .” section. You can  type on that section. On mobile, this may be difficut.

All the toolbar is as like in Microsoft Word. You can use as like on Microsoft Word.

To Upload image:

You can upload multiple images not more than 2MB each.

If you don’t want to type answer, You can write on copy and capture the image and upload it as a screen.

- Hamro CSIT

Step 3:

Finally, Click on “Submit Answer”. Your answer will be approved once admin approve. You will get the status of answer by the register email.


You will get the points on adding the answer. Below is the table illustrating how you many points you will receive.

Action Points Status
Answer Added 20 + 20(Written) If Approved
Best Answer 5 If selected

For more details about points, click here.

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