Differentiate between JPEG & MPEG.

JPEG and MPEG are both popular digital media formats, but they are used for different types of media content and have different characteristics. Here’s how they differ:

  1. Purpose: JPEG is a still image format, while MPEG is a video format. JPEG is used for compressing and storing digital photos and other types of static images, while MPEG is used for compressing and transmitting digital video.
  2. Compression Algorithm: JPEG uses a lossy compression algorithm that selectively discards data to reduce the file size of an image while attempting to preserve its visual quality. MPEG also uses a lossy compression algorithm, but it is designed specifically for video content and compresses both the spatial and temporal redundancy in video frames.
  3. File format: JPEG uses the .jpg or .jpeg file extension, while MPEG uses the .mpg or .mpeg file extension. JPEG files are standalone images, while MPEG files typically contain multiple video frames and audio data.
  4. Compression Ratio: JPEG can achieve a higher compression ratio than MPEG because still images have less temporal and spatial redundancy than video content. However, this also means that JPEG images are less suited for encoding moving objects or sequences of images.
  5. Applications: JPEG is widely used in digital photography, web graphics, and other applications where high-quality still images are required. MPEG is used in digital video broadcasting, DVD and Blu-ray discs, video streaming, and other applications where video content needs to be compressed and transmitted efficiently.

In summary, JPEG and MPEG are both digital media formats that use different compression algorithms and are designed for different types of content. JPEG is used for still images, while MPEG is used for video content.

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