Differentiate between context free and context sensitive grammar .

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The difference between context free grammar and context sensitive grammar are:

Context free grammar Context sensitive grammar
1.In context free grammar, there will be no context. 1. In context sensitive grammar, there is either left context or right context.
2.It is a set of recursive rules used to generate patterns of strings. 2.It is a  formal language  in which the left-hand sides and right-hand sides of any production rules may be surrounded.
3.It can describe all regular languages but cannot describe all possible languages. 3.There are languages that can be described by a CSG but not by a context-free grammar.
4.CFG are studied in the field of theoretical computer science, design etc. 4.CSG can describe  the syntaxes of some visual programming language.
5.It has four-element tuple (V,Σ,R,S), R is a set of production rules where each production rule maps a variable to a string. 5.It also has four-element tuple G=(Σ, VSP), P is also a set of production rules but does not maps each production rule.
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