It was reported somewhere that children whenever plays the game in computer, they used the computer very roughly which may reduce the lifetime of a computer. The random access memory (RAM) of a computer also plays a crucial role on the lifetime of a computer. A researcher wanted to examine how the lifetime of a personal computer which is used by children is affected by the time (in hours) spends by the children per day to play games and the available random access memory (RAM) measured in megabytes (MB) of a used computer. The data is provided in following table.

Lifetime (years) 5 1 7 2 3 4 6
Play time (hours)/day 2 8 1 5 6 3 2
RAM in MB) 8 2 6 3 2 4 7

Identify which one is dependent variable? Solve this problem using multiple linear regression model and provide problem specific interpretations based on the regression model developed.

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