Difference between database manager and database administrator?

  • Answered by Nemi
  • 12 months ago

The following are the difference between database manager and database administrator:

Database Manager Database Administrator
1. They are responsible for organization and maintenance of database. 1. They are responsible for performance, integrity and security of a database.
2.They have more managerial responsibilities such as leading team and ensuring projects are on time and within the budget. 2.They typically have more technical responsibilities such as configuring database.
3.Database manger may work from home and also have to travel to visit clients and attend meetings. 3.Database administrator work from office setting where they can have access to computers and other resources to perform their duties.
4.They typically need to have strong management skill as they often oversee the data administrator. 4.They benefit from having problem solving skill as they troubleshoot issues with problem.
5.They ensure the safety of stored data. 5. They store the data in a secure way.


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