What is variable? How is it different from constant? How do you write comments in c?

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variable is a name of the memory location. It is used to store data. Its value can be changed, and it can be reused many times.

It is a way to represent memory location through symbol so that it can be easily identified.


type variable_name;


int a;  
float b;  
char c;

The difference between variable and constant are

Variables Constants
It is a variable that stores data type value in a program. It is similar to a variable and cannot be changed during program execution.
It is a variable that can be changed after defining the variable in a program It is a fixed variable that cannot be changed after defining the variable in a program.
The value of a variable can change depending on the conditions. In constants, the value cannot be changed.
Typically, it uses int, float, char, string, double, etc. data types in a program. It can be express in two ways: #define pre-processor and the const keyword.
Example: int a = 5; float radius = 5.2; char ‘A’; Example: const int Len = 5;
#define PI 3.14

comment is an explanation or description of the source code of the program. It helps a developer explain logic of the code and improves program readability. At run-time, a comment is ignored by the compiler.

There are two types of comments in C:

  1. A comment that starts with a slash asterisk /* and finishes with an asterisk slash */ and you can place it anywhere in your code, on the same line or several lines.
  2. Single-line Comments which uses a double slash // dedicated to comment single lines

Single Line Comment

// This is single line comment example

Multi Line Comment

/* Sample Multiline Comment
Line 1
Line 2


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