A proton is moving with a velocity v = (3 x 105 i + 7 x 105 k) m/sec in a region where there is a magnetic field B = 0.4j T. Find the force experienced by the proton.

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velocity of proton=(3 x 105 i + 7 x 105 k) m\s

magnetic field B = 0.4j T.

we know that mass of proton (mp)=1.67  x 10-27

charge of proton(q)=1.6 x 10-19c

force experienced by the proton= ?

we have a relation


=1.6 x 10-19 (3 x 105\(\hat{i}\)  + 7 x 105\(\hat{k}\)) x 0.4\(\hat{j}\)

=1.6 x 1o-19(1.2 x 105 \(\hat{k}\) -2.8 x 105\(\hat{j}\))

=1.6 x 10-19 (1.2 \(\hat{k}\) – 2.8\(\hat{j}\)) x 105

=(1.92 \(\hat{k}\) – 4.48\(\hat{j}\) x 10-14 N


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