Explain the default action of the copy constructor. Write a suitable program that demonstrates the technique of overloading the copy constructor.

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A constructor is a special member function used to initialize objects of its class. It will be called automatically when the object is created.

A class with two or more construct functions with the same name but with different parameters or arguments and other data types is called  Constructor overloading.

A copy constructor is a method or member function which initialize an object using another object within the same class.


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class ABC
        int x;

        // this is parameterized constructor
        ABC(int a){
            x = a;

        // this is copy constructor
        ABC(ABC &i){
            x = i.x;

int main()
    // Calling the parameterized constructor.
    ABC a1(40);

    // Calling the copy constructor.
    ABC a2(a1);

    cout << a2.x;
    return 0;
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