What is mean by memory interfacing? Explain the address decoding process in the 8085 microprocessor.


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Interface is the path for communication between two components. Interfacing is of two types, memory interfacing and I/O interfacing.

Memory Interfacing

When we are executing any instruction, we need the microprocessor to access the memory for reading instruction codes and the data stored in the memory. For this, both the memory and the microprocessor requires some signals to read from and write to registers.

The interfacing process includes some key factors to match with the memory requirements and microprocessor signals. The interfacing circuit therefore should be designed in such a way that it matches the memory signal requirements with the signals of the microprocessor.

IO Interfacing

There are various communication devices like the keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. So, we need to interface the keyboard and other devices with the microprocessor by using latches and buffers. This type of interfacing is known as I/O interfacing.


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