Explain software standards in computer graphics.

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Software Standards helps to make portability of software, and rewriting code is not required. It can be used in different implementations and applications. Following are some software standards.

a) Graphics Kernel System(GKS):

GKS is the first graphics software standard adopted by the international standards organization(ISO). It was originally designed as a 2D graphics package. It incudes various types of methods, reserved words.


  1. It provides improved algorithm
  2. It makes system portable
  3. Rewriting of code is not required

b) PHIGS (Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics Standard)

It is the extension of GKS which provides 3D graphics package. It includes additional functions for object modeling, Color specification, Surface rendering and picture manipulation.

c) PHIGS+:

It is the extension of earlier PHIGS. 3D surface shading capability are added to PHIGS+.

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