In computer network of a software company arrival of printing message follows poission law on  an average at every 10 minutes, printer prints message takes on an average 6 minutes to print following exponential law. Find

  1. average arrival rate and average service rate for 1 hour
  2. average arrival rate and average rate for 15 min

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i) 1 message arrives in 10 minutes

6 messages arrives in 60 minutes

Hence λ = 6 per hour (average arrival rate)

10 messages serve in 60 minutes

Hence μ = 10 per hour (average service rate)


ii) 1 message arrives in 10 minutes

1.5 messages arrives in 15 minutes

Hence λ = 1.5 per 15 per 15 minutes (average arrival rate)

1 messages serves in 6 minutes

2.5 messages serve in 15 minutes

Hence μ = 2.5 per 15 minutes (average service rate)

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