Why do we need a DNS system when we can directly use an IP address? what is domain name space?

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Domain Name System (DNS) is a kind of computer server that posses all database of IP addresses. In other words it is a hierarchical naming system where users on the same network can access other computers or devices.

Requirement of DNS over IP:

Memorizing IP addresses for your favorite sites is much harder than memorizing “www.google.com”, “www.amazon.com” and “www.facebook.com”.

IP addresses change over time. IP addresses likely change if you switch hosting companies but domain names usually don’t.

Using DNS you can advertise the IP addresses of several redundant web sites all under the same name.

It is possible to put several domain names on the same web site IP address and what you get varies with the name you use. For these sites, you CANNOT directly use an IP address to get their content.

Domain Name Space:

The domain name space refers a hierarchy in the internet naming structure. This hierarchy has multiple levels (from 0 to 127), with a root at the top. The following diagram shows the domain name space hierarchy:

Domain name space

In the above diagram each subtree represents a domain. Each domain can be partitioned into sub domains and these can be further partitioned and so on.

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