What are the Application of Virtuality Reality?

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Virtual reality is a system for providing an interactive exploration of a three dimensional virtual environment.

Virtual reality is an environment that is simulated by a computer, trying to imitate the real thing.

Virtual reality refers to a high-end user interface that involves real-time simulation and interactions through multiple sensorial channels.

Application of VR:

a) Flight simulation

  • For pilot training
  • Safe and realistic
  • Risk free

b) Medicine

  • Practice performing surgery.
  • Perform surgery on a remote patient.
  • Teach new skills in a safe, controlled environment.

c) Education and training

  • Driving simulators.
  • Ship simulator
  • Flight simulator

d) Engineering and design

  • CAD and CAM
  • View products as it would be seen when manufactured

e) Human factor modeling

  • Used to model human behavior in the design of new products or buildings E.g. simulation of fire in a building and a user can view how the virtual occupants react to the emergency

f) Visualization

  • Data visualization

g) Military

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