What is cooperative processess? Expalin advantages of cooperative processes.


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A process is said to be a cooperating process if it can affect or be affected by other processes in the system. A process that shares data with other processes is cooperating .

Advantages of Cooperating Processes:

There are some advantages of cooperating processes:

information Sharing: Several users may which to share the same information e.g. a shared file. The O/S needs to provide a way of allowing concurrent access.

Computation Speedup: Some problems can be solved quicker by sub-dividing it into smaller tasks that can be executed in parallel on several processors.

Modularity: The solution of a problem is structured into parts with well-defined interfaces, and where the parts run in parallel.

Convenience: A user may be running multiple processes to achieve a single goal, or where a utility may invoke multiple components, which interconnect via a pipe structure that attaches the stdout of one stage to stdin of the next etc.

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