What is CSMA/CD? Why is there no need for CSMA/CD on a full-duplex Ethernet LAN?

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Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) is a network protocol for carrier transmission that operates in the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer. It senses or listens whether the shared channel for transmission is busy or not, and defers transmissions until the channel is free. The collision detection technology detects collisions by sensing transmissions from other stations. On detection of a collision, the station stops transmitting, sends a jam signal, and then waits for a random time interval before retransmission.

There is no need for CSMA/CD on a full-duplex Ethernet LAN because of the following reasons:

  • For a full duplex transmission the chance for collision as well as contention is less compared to half duplex.
  • Everyone can send and recieve datas independantly.
  • so there is no chance for carrier sensing and collision detection.
  • it makes no need for CSMA/CD on a full-duplex Ethernet LAN.
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