Why the concept of disk interleaving is important? Explain with suitable example.

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Whenever Processor requests Data from the main memory. A block (chunk) of Data is Transferred to the cache and then to Processor. So whenever a cache miss occurs the Data is to be fetched from the main memory. But main memory is relatively slower than the cache. So to improve the access time of the main memory interleaving is used.

We can access all four Modules at the same time thus achieving Parallelism. From Figure 2 the data can be acquired from the Module using the Higher bits. This method Uses memory effectively.

For example: If we have 4 memory banks(4-way Interleaved memory), with each containing 256 bytes, then, the Block Oriented scheme(no interleaving), will assign virtual address 0 to 255 to the first bank, 256 to 511 to the second bank. But in Interleaved memory, virtual address 0 will be with the first bank, 1 with the second memory bank, 2 with the third bank and 3 with the fourt, and then 4 with the first memory bank again.

Hence, CPU can access alternate sections immediately without waiting for memory to be cached. There are multiple memory banks which take turns for supply of data.

Memory interleaving is a technique for increasing memory speed. It is a process that makes the system more efficient, fast and reliable.

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