What is thread? Explain different between user level thread and kernel level thread.

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A thread is a path of execution within a process. A process can contain multiple threads.

User level tdread Kernel level tdread
User tdread are implemented by users. kernel tdreads are implemented by OS.
OS doesn’t recognize user level tdreads. Kernel tdreads are recognized by OS.
Implementation of User tdreads is easy. Implementation of Kernel tdread is complicated.
Context switch time is less. Context switch time is more.
Context switch requires no hardware support. Hardware support is needed.
If one user level tdread perform blocking operation tden entire process will
be blocked.
If one kernel tdread perform blocking operation tden anotder tdread can
continue execution.
User level tdreads are designed as dependent tdreads. Kernel level tdreads are designed as independent tdreads.
Example : Java tdread, POSIX tdreads. Example : Window Solaris.
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