Explain role of monitor to achieve mutual exclusion.

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Mutual Exclusion using Monitors

Some programming languages, such as Concurrent Pascal, Modula-2 and Java provide mutual exclusion facilities called monitors.

They are similar to modules in languages that provide abstract data types in that:


  • programmer defines a set of data types and procedures that can manipulate the data. 
  • procedures can be exported to other modules, which may import them. 
  • system invokes initialization routine before execution begins.

Monitors differ in that they support guard procedures. Java programmers can use the keyword synchronized to indicate methods of a class where only one method can execute at a time.

Guard procedures (synchronized methods) have the property that:


  • only one process can execute a guard procedure at a time. 
  • When a process invokes a guard procedure, its execution is delayed until no other processes are executing a guard procedure (important)
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