Explain memory read operation with suitable figure.

In a computer system, the memory read operation is the process of retrieving data from a specific memory location. Here is a simplified diagram showing the memory read operation.

  1. The CPU sends the address of the memory location it wants to read to the memory using the address bus.
  2. The memory uses the address to find the location in its memory array and sends the data back to the CPU using the data bus.
  3. The CPU receives the data and uses it in the instruction that it is executing.

It is important to note that the speed at which the memory read operation can be performed is determined by the speed of the memory bus and the memory’s access time. A faster memory bus and lower memory access time will result in a faster memory read operation.

Memory read operation transfers the desired word to address lines and activates the read control line. Description of memory read operation is given below:- Hamro CSIT

In the above diagram initially, MDR can contain any garbage value and MAR is containing the 2003 memory address. After the execution of the read instruction, the data of memory location 2003 will be read and the MDR will get updated by the value of the 2003 memory location (3D).

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