Define Protocol. Why do we need standards?

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A network protocol is an established set of rules that determine how data is transmitted between different devices in the same network. Essentially, it allows connected devices to communicate with each other, regardless of any differences in their internal processes, structure, or design.

There are thousands of different network protocols, but they all perform one of three primary actions:

  • Communication
  • Network management
  • Security

Protocol Standards:

Standards are the set of rules for data communication that are needed for the exchange of information among devices. It is important to follow Standards that are created by various  Standard Organizations like IEEE, ISO, ANSI, etc.

Standards are of two types :

  • De Facto Standard.
  • De Jure  Standard.

We need standards because of following reasons:

  • Standards describe accurately and unambiguously how information is transmitted.
  • A manufacturer’s products will work successfully with other manufacturers’ products if they all follow the
  • same standards.
  • By defining a set of standards, you are providing a framework within which all manufacturers can design
  • new, successful products.
  • Standards break down complex ideas into smaller, methodical, easier-to-understand components.
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