What is circuit-switched network? Explain phases during communication in a circuit-switched network?

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Circuit switching is a switching technique that establishes a dedicated path between sender and receiver.

In the Circuit Switching Technique, once the connection is established then the dedicated path will remain to exist until the connection is terminated.

Circuit switching in a network operates in a similar way as the telephone works.

Communication through circuit switching has 3 phases:

  • Circuit establishment
  • Data transfer
  • Circuit Disconnect
  • Circuit Establishment: In this phase, a dedicated circuit is established from the source to the destination through a number of intermediate switching centers. The sender and receiver transmit communication signals to request and acknowledge the establishment of circuits.
  • Data Transfer: Once the circuit has been established, data and voice are transferred from the source to the destination. The dedicated connection remains as long as the end parties communicate.
  • Circuit Disconnection: When the data transfer is complete, the connection is relinquished. The disconnection is initiated by any one of the users. Disconnection involves the removal of all intermediate links from the sender to the receiver.
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