What is concurrency control? What are its advantages in DBMS?

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Concurrency control concept comes under the Transaction in database management system (DBMS). It is a procedure in DBMS which helps us for the management of two simultaneous processes to execute without conflicts between each other, these conflicts occur in multi user systems.

Concurrency can simply be said to be executing multiple transactions at a time. It is required to increase time efficiency. If many transactions try to access the same data, then inconsistency arises. Concurrency control required to maintain consistency data.

For example, if we take ATM machines and do not use concurrency, multiple persons cannot draw money at a time in different places. This is where we need concurrency.


The advantages of concurrency control are as follows −

  • Waiting time will be decreased.
  • Response time will decrease.
  • Resource utilization will increase.
  • System performance & Efficiency is increased.
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