Discuss the advantages disadvantages of implementing file system using Linked List.

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A Linked list is a dynamic arrangement that contains a “link” to the structure containing the subsequent items. It’s a set of structures ordered not by their physical placement in memory (like an array) but by logical links that are stored as a part of the info within the structure itself.

Advantages Of Linked List:

  • Dynamic data structure: A linked list is a dynamic arrangement so it can grow and shrink at runtime by allocating and deallocating memory. So there is no need to give the initial size of the linked list.
  • No memory wastage: In the Linked list, efficient memory utilization can be achieved since the size of the linked list increase or decrease at run time so there is no memory wastage and there is no need to pre-allocate the memory.
  • Implementation: Linear data structures like stacks and queues are often easily implemented using a linked list.
  • Insertion and Deletion Operations: Insertion and deletion operations are quite easier in the linked list. There is no need to shift elements after the insertion or deletion of an element only the address present in the next pointer needs to be updated.

Disadvantages Of Linked List:

  • Memory usage: More memory is required in the linked list as compared to an array. Because in a linked list, a pointer is also required to store the address of the next element and it requires extra memory for itself.
  • Traversal: In a Linked list traversal is more time-consuming as compared to an array. Direct access to an element is not possible in a linked list as in an array by index. For example, for accessing a node at position n, one has to traverse all the nodes before it.
  • Reverse Traversing: In a singly linked list reverse traversing is not possible, but in the case of a doubly-linked list, it can be possible as it contains a pointer to the previously connected nodes with each node. For performing this extra memory is required for the back pointer hence, there is a wastage of memory.
  • Random Access: Random access is not possible in a linked list due to its dynamic memory allocation.
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