What is the task of disk controller ? List some drawback of segmentation.

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The disk controller is the circuit that connects the CPU to a floppy disk, hard disk, and other disk drive types. It is similar to a miniaturized computer because it contains a small CPU and memory for obtaining and transferring data from a physical disk drive. It offers the interface between the bus and the disk driver that helps to connect it to the rest of the system. A disk controller is the hardware component that controls access to disk drives. A disk controller communicates with one or more disk drives to initiate and end connections to clients.

Segmentation is a memory management technique in which the memory is divided into the variable size parts. Each part is known as a segment which can be allocated to a process.

Drawback of segmentation is given below:

  1. It can have external fragmentation.
  2. it is difficult to allocate contiguous memory to variable sized partition.
  3. Costly memory management algorithms.


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