What is primary memory? Compare primary memory with secondary memory.


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Primary storage (also known as main memory ) is the component of the computer that holds data , programs and instructions that are currently in use. Primary storage is located on the motherboard . As a result, data can be read from and written to primary storage extremely quickly.

The Difference between primary memory and secondary memory are

1. Primary memory is temporary. Secondary memory is permanent.
2. Primary memory is directly accessible by Processor/CPU. Secondary memory is not directly accessible by the CPU.
3. Nature of Parts of Primary memory varies, RAM- volatile in nature. ROM- Non-volatile. It’s always Non-volatile in nature.
4. Primary memory devices are more expensive than secondary storage devices. Secondary memory devices are less expensive when compared to primary memory devices.
5. The memory devices used for primary memory are semiconductor memories. The secondary memory devices are magnetic and optical memories.
6. Primary memory is also known as Main memory or Internal memory. Secondary memory is also known as External memory or Auxiliary memory.
7. Examples: RAM, ROM, Cache memory, PROM, EPROM, Registers, etc. Examples: Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Magnetic Tapes, etc.
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