Define multimedia. Discuss the applications of multimedia.


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Multimedia is an interactive media and provides multiple ways to represent information to the user in a powerful manner. It provides an interaction between users and digital information. It is a medium of communication.Some of the sectors where multimedias is used extensively are education, training, reference material, business presentations, advertising and documentaries.

Some of the areas where multimedia are used are listed below:

1. Multimedia in Education field

Multimedia is used to instruct as a master (guide) because nowadays, multimedia CD are used instead of textbooks. Knowledge can be easily obtained by using multimedia CD in computer because multimedia CD includes text, pictures, sound and film which helps the students to understand easily and clearly than the textbooks and is cheaper than going to schools.

2. Multimedia in Business

Multimedia is used in business for training employees, presenting sales, educating customers etc. It helps for the promotion of business and new products.

3. Multimedia in Entertainment

Multimedia is mostly used in games. Text, audio, images and animations are mostly used in computer games. The use of multimedia in games made possible to make innovative and interactive games. It is also used in movies for entertainment.

4. Multimedia in Medicine

The use of multimedia in medicine is increasing rapidly. In medicine, doctors can be trained by looking at a virtual surgery (Simulators). Using multimedia, they can simulate how the human body is affected by diseases spread by viruses and bacteria and then develop techniques to develop it.

5. Multimedia in Research

We use multimedia to discuss or to make prototype about the invention and theory of different people. We can also use multimedia to investigate through the materials available on the internet.

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