Define pointer. Discuss the relationship between pointer and one-dimensional array


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A pointer is a variable that contains a memory address of data or another variable. Normally, a pointer variable is declared to some type, like any other variables, so that it will work only with data of given type.

The syntax of pointer is

data_type *pointer;

Relationship between pointer and one-dimensional array

An array is a block of sequential data. Let’s write a program to print addresses of array elements.

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
   int x[4];
   int i;

   for(i = 0; i < 4; ++i) {
      printf("&x[%d] = %p\n", i, &x[i]);

   printf("Address of array x: %p", x);

   return 0;

The output of above program si

&x[0] = 1450734448
&x[1] = 1450734452
&x[2] = 1450734456
&x[3] = 1450734460
Address of array x: 1450734448

There is a difference of 4 bytes between two consecutive elements of array x. It is because the size of int is 4 bytes (on our compiler).

Notice that, the address of &x[0] and x is the same. It’s because the variable name x points to the first element of the array.

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From the above example, it is clear that &x[0] is equivalent to x. And, x[0] is equivalent to *x.


  • &x[1] is equivalent to x+1 and x[1] is equivalent to *(x+1).
  • &x[2] is equivalent to x+2 and x[2] is equivalent to *(x+2).
  • Basically, &x[i] is equivalent to x+i and x[i] is equivalent to *(x+i).
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