Differentiate between vector and raster graphics.

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The differentiate between vector and raster graphics are

Raster Graphics Vector Graphics
They are composed of pixels They are composed of paths.
In Raster Graphics, refresh process is independent of the complexity of the image Vector display flicker when the number of primitives in the image become too large.
Graphic primitive are specified in terms of end points and must be scan converted into corresponding pixels. Scan conversion is not required.
Raster graphics can draw mathematical curves, polygons and boundaries of curved primitives only by pixel approximation. Vector graphics draw continuous and smooth lines.
Raster graphics cost less Vector Graphics cost more as compared to raster graphics.
They occupy more space when depends on image quality. They occupy less space
File extensions: .BMP, .GIF, .JPG File Extensions: .SVG, .EPS, .PDF, .AI, .DXF
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