Explain formatted I/O functions in detail.


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C provides standard functions scanf() and printf(), to perform formatted inputs and outputs. These functions accept a format specification string and a variable list as the parameters. The format specification string is a character string that specifies the data type of each variable to be input or output and the size or width of the I/O.

1. Scanf

The scanf() function is used for inputs formatted from standard inputs and provides numerous conversion options for the printf() function.

scanf(format_specifiers, &data1, &data2,……);


scanf("%d %c", &data1, &data2);

2. printf

The printf() function is used for output formatted as the standard output according to a format specification. The format specification string and the output data are the parameters of the printf() function.


printf(format_specifiers, data1, data2,…..... );


printf("%d %c", data1, data2);

Here is a example program

#include <stdio.h> 

void main(){
    int a;
    printf("Enter a value:"); 
    printf("Entered Value= %d",a);
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