What is the difference between a serial and parallel transfer? Explain how to convert serial data to parallel and parallel data to serial. What type of register is needed?

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The difference between a serial and parallel transfer are

SN Serial Transmission Parallel Transmission
1. In serial transmission, data(bit) flows in bi-direction. In Parallel Transmission, data flows in multiple lines.
2. Serial Transmission is cost-efficient. Parallel Transmission is not cost-efficient.
3. In serial transmission, one bit transferred at one clock pulse. In Parallel Transmission, eight bits transferred at one clock pulse.
4. Serial Transmission is slow in comparison of Parallel Transmission. Parallel Transmission is fast in comparison of Serial Transmission.
5. Generally, Serial Transmission is used for long-distance. Generally, Parallel Transmission is used for short distance.
6. The circuit used in Serial Transmission is simple. The circuit used in Parallel Transmission is relatively complex.

- Hamro CSIT

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