Define computer software. Differentiate system software with application software. Explain different types system software in detail.

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Software is a collection of set of programs, which are used to execute all kinds of specific instructions. It consists of a number of machine instructions, array in a specific order to perform a particular task.

Software means computer instruction or data. Anything that can be stored electronically is software.

Firmware are software that has been written onto read-only-memory (ROM).

The difference between system software and application software are

System software Application software
System Software are designed to manage the resources of system like memory and process management. Application Software are designed to fulfill the requirements of user to perform a specific tasks.
It is written in low-level languages. It is written in high-level languages.
It will run when system power is on and runs until system power is off. It begins when user start application software and end when user stop application.
They are general purpose software. They are specific purpose software.
They can run independently. They can not run independently.
User never interact with System Software as it function in the background. User interact with application software.
They are independent of application software. They are dependent of application software.
Installed on the computer system at the time when OS is installed. User will install as per requirements.

System software is a software designed to interact with hardware. It act as interface between user and device. It also provide the platform for running other software.

There are 5 types of system software

1. Operating System

Operating systems are the programs that run on computer. Every computer have a operating system to run other programs. OS perform basic tasks suchas recognizing input, sending output to the screen, keeping track of files and directories on disk and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drivers and printers.

Most Commonly used operating systems include Microsoft Window. DOS, Mac OS, OS/2, UNIX etc

2. Compiler and Interpreters

Compiler is a program that translates source code into object code. The compiler takes the source code and recognizes the instructions.

Interpreters analyzes and executes each line of source code in succession, without looking at the entire program.

Program execute by compilers run much faster than the same programs executed by an interpreter.

3. Device Drivers

Device drivers are the software to run the peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, printers, modems etc. Most peripheral devices attached with CPU needs device drivers to carry out the functions.

Device driver lets the CPU know the type of hardware and the type of instruction for a particular device attached with it.

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