Tribhuvan University

Institute of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Course Title: Discrete Structure

Course no: CSC165

Semester: II

Nature of course: Theory + Lab

Full Marks: 60 + 20 + 20

Pass Marks: 24 + 8 + 8

Credit Hours: 3

Course Description : The course covers fundamental concepts of discrete structure like introduce logic, proofs, sets, relations, functions, counting, and probability, with an emphasis on applications in computer science.

Course Objective : The main objective of the course is to introduce basic discrete structures, explore applications of discrete structures in computer science, understand concepts of Counting, Probability, Relations and Graphs respectively.

Course Contents:
Laboratory Works:

The laboratory work consists of implementing the algorithms and concepts discussed in the class. Student should implement problems with following concepts;

  • Set Operations and Boolean Matrix Operations
  • Primility Testing, Number Theory Algorithms, and Operations on Integers
  • Counting and Some Recursive Algorithms
  • Algorithms for Relations, Graphs

Text Books:
  • Kenneth H. Rosen, Discrete mathematics and its applications, Seventh Edition McGraw Hill Publication, 2012.
  • Bernard Kolman, Robert Busby, Sharon C. Ross, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Sixth Edition Pearson Publications, 2015
  • Joe L Mott, Abraham Kandel, Theodore P Baker, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists and Mathematicians, Printice Hall of India, Second Edition, 2008
Reference Books:
  • Ken Bogart, Scot Drysdale, Cliff Stein, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists, First Edition Addison-Wesley, 2010