Tribhuvan University

Institute of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Course Title: Object Oriented Programming

Course no: CSC161

Semester: II

Nature of course: Theory + Lab

Full Marks: 60 + 20 + 20

Pass Marks: 24 + 8 + 8

Credit Hours: 3

Course Description : The course covers the basic concepts of object oriented programming using C++ programming language.

Course Objective : The main objective of this course is to understand object oriented programming and advanced C++ concepts such as composition of objects, operator overloads, inheritance and polymorphism, file I/O, exception handling and templates.

Course Contents:
Laboratory Works:

Students should be able to implement the concepts of Object Oriented Programming using C++ language.

Text Books:
  • Robert Lafore, Object Oriented Programming in C++, Fourth Edition, SAMS publications.
  • Herbert Schildt, C++ The Complete Reference, Fourth Edition, Tata McGraw Hill Publication.
Reference Books:
  • Deitel and Deitel, C++ How to Program, Third Edition, Pearson Publication.
  • Joyce Farrell, Object-oriented programming using C++, Fourth Edition, Cengage Learning.