Tribhuvan University

Institute of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Course Title: Data Structure and Algorithm

Course no: CSC211

Semester: III

Nature of course: Theory + Lab

Full Marks: 60 + 20 + 20

Pass Marks: 24 + 8 + 8

Credit Hours: 3

Course Description : This course includes the basic foundations in of data structures and algorithms. This course covers concepts of various data structures like stack, queue, list, tree and graph. Additionally, the course includes idea of sorting and searching.

Course Objective : To introduce data abstraction and data representation in memory To describe, design and use of elementary data structures such as stack, queue, linked list, tree and graph To discuss decomposition of complex programming problems into manageable sub- problems To introduce algorithms and their complexity

Course Contents:
Laboratory Works:

The laboratory work consists of implementing the algorithms and data structures studied in the course. Student should implement at least following concepts;

  1. Dynamic memory allocation and deallocation strategies
  2. Stack operations and Queue operations
  3. Array and Linked List implementation of List
  4. Linked List implementation of Stack and Queues
  5. Sorting, Searching and Hashing algorithms
  6. Binary Search Trees and AVL Tress
  7. Graph Representation, Spanning Tree and Shortest Path Algorithms

Text Books:
  • Y Langsam , MJ Augenstein and A.M , Tanenbaum Data Structures using C and C++ , Prentice Hall India, Second Edition 2015
Reference Books:
  • Leen Ammeral, Programmes and Data Structures in C, Wiley Professional Computing
  • G.W Rowe, Introduction to Data Structure and Algorithms with C and C++ , prentice Hall India
  • R.L Kruse, B.P. Leung, C.L. Tondo, Data Structure and Program Design in C Prentice- Hall India