Structure and Union

By Bipin Tiwari

 Important Questions

 Introduction to Structure

A structure is a collection of variable under a single name.

struct structure _ name 
                      data _ type member_ variable1;
                      data_ type member _ variable2;
                      .  .  .  .
                      .  .  .  .
                      data _ types member_ varables;

Comparison of array and structure

                              Array                                                              structure

1. An array is a collection of related data elements            1. A structure can have elements of different types.

of same type.

2. An array is derived data type.                                             2. A structure is a user- defined data types.

3. Array name is pointer to the first elements of it.             3. Structure name is not pointer.

Function and Structure

 Passing structure members to a function


void display(char empName[], int id, float sal)


       print f("Name\t\tID\t\tsalary");

       print f("%s\t\t%d\t\t%.1f", empName, id, sal);


     int main()


            struct employee


                              char name[20];

                               int id;

                                 float salary;


               struct employee emp;

         print f("Employee Name:");

          scan f("%s",;

        print f("Employee id:\t");

       scan f("%d", &;

        print f("salary of the Employee");

         scan f("%f", &emp. salary);

         print f("The Entered Information of the Employee is");

        display(",, emp. salary);


         return 0;



 Employee Name:    Ram

 Employee id:    100

 Salary of the Employee: 15000

 The entered Information of the Employee is

 Name                Id                  salary

  Ram               100                 15000.0

Passing an array of structure to a function

Write a program to create a structure named student that has name, roll, marks, and remarks as its members. Assume appropriate types and size of members. Use the structure to read and display records of four students. Create two functions: one is to read information of students and other is to display the information on screen. Pass an array of structure to above functions as their arguments.
#define size 4

int i;

struct student


char name[30];

int roll;

float marks;

char remark ;


void display(struct student st [])


print f("Student Name\t Roll\t marks\t Remarks");


print f("%s\t\t %d\t %.2f\t %c\n", st [i]. name, st [i]. roll, st [i].marks, st[i].remarks);


void read (struct student stu[])


float tempForMarks ;



print f("Enter Information of student No %d", i+1);

print f(" Name:\t");

scan f("%s", stu[i]. name);

print f(" Roll:\t");

scan f("%d", stu[i]. roll);

print f(" Marks");

scan f("%f", &tempfForMarks);

stu[i].marks= tempFormarks;

print f("Remarks(P/F):\t");

stu[i]. remark = getche();



int main()


struct student s[size];

float tempForMarks;

print f("Read information of Employee from user");


print f("The Detail Information is");



return 0;



Read information of Employee from user

Enter Information of student No 1

Name: Hari

Roll: 101

Marks: 56

Remarks(P/F): p

Enter Information of student No 2

Name: Bina

Roll: 102

Marks: 67

Remarks(P/F): p

Enter Information of student No 3

Name: Gita

Roll: 103

Marks: 89

Remarks(P/F): p

Enter Information of student No 4

Name: Krishna

Roll: 104

Marks: 12

Remarks(P/F): f

The Detail Information is

Student Name       Roll         Marks       Remarks

Hari                         101             56                p

Bina                         102             67                 p

Gita                         103              89                p

Krishna                    104              12                f



The union use the shared memory space and so handle only member at a time, while different memory will be reserved for each structure member and so can handle operation on more members at a time.


Create a union named student that has roll and marks as member. Assign some values to these members one at a time and display the result one at a time.

int main()


    union student 


              int roll;

                float marks;


       union student st;

       st. roll= 455;\
         print f("Roll=%d", st.roll);
       print f("Marks=%f", st.marks);
      return 0;
  Roll= 455
  Marks= 78

    Difference between Structure and union


Structure                                                     Union

1. It takes more memory space than that of union.        1. It takes less memory than that of structure.

2. All the members of structure can be accessed at        2. Only one member of union can be accessed at any

any point of time.                                                                     given time.




Important Questions
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